AHR Expo

AHR Expo 2020

WHAT: AHR Expo 2020

WHEN: February 3-5, 2020

WHERE: Orange County Convention Center,

Orlando, Florida

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New air conditioning technology reduces energy consumption by up to 70%

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(Orlando, FL) February 1, 2020: A climate emergency declared in Australia. Water and power rationing in California. Extreme flooding in Europe. Global concern over climate change and its impact on the environment are increasingly in the news. Fears about increasing global temperature and its impact on human health and comfort are well known. With the increasing awareness of climate change has come a genuine desire from corporations and individuals to lessen their impact on the environment.

“What we’ve found is that people do want to make changes in how they consume energy and in how they ultimately impact the environment, but they don’t want to significantly change their comfort level. The products they choose can’t be significantly costlier than what they are used to now, explains Tiger Aster, CEO of TORO Water Air Thermal Technologies (TORO WATT).

The choice consumers face when seeking to make a change comes down to either reducing or eliminating the use of an energy consuming product or finding more efficient products and technologies. “In places like Florida, where we are right now, eliminating air conditioning isn’t a feasible solution at all,” continues Tiger. That’s why TORO WATT has developed Dual Path Technology, an innovative air conditioning technology which reduces energy consumption by up to 70%.

“Humans are great at sensing temperature and climate conditions. If you’re traveling in the desert in California, for example, which is an extremely dry area of the planet, you know that at mid day it’s hot. Just hot, there’s almost no moisture and you don’t get that sticky, sweaty feeling like you would if you are traveling in the Florida Everglades where the humidity is routinely in the 90% range. While humans are great at knowing the difference in those temperature feelings, air conditioning systems traditionally are terrible at sensing the difference,” says Darshi Dhaliwal, CTO and innovator of Dual Path Technology.

With new dual path technology, a TORO WATT air conditioner senses both the temperature and the humidity level separately and conditions the air for optimate comfort. In a dry atmosphere where there is very little humidity, a traditional air conditioner is still running its dehumidifier at full blast and is consuming all the energy that the system thinks it requires. The TORO WATT air conditioner is able to decide which technology, temperature reduction or dehumidifying, is needed and in what amount. Along with the dual sensing technology, TORO WATT air conditioners also have a patent pending process of recycling condensate and an advanced control panel for maximum customization and efficiency. These efficiencies result in a 30-70% reduction in energy consumption and consequently, a 30-70% reduction in energy bills.

Harpal Dhaliwal, Chairman of TORO WATT says, “we’re very proud to have innovated this technology. It will allow our customers, including large industrial clients like data centers, indoor farming and other mission critical environments to significantly reduce their energy consumption and their bills. We’re excited to show off our new technology here in Florida at the AHR Expo and we’re hoping to meet with companies and individuals who will take our technology from our Canadian head quarters and bring it around the world.”


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