Trade Commissioner visits AMBIATOR demo in Hyderabad, India

Mr. Vikram Jain, Trade Commissioner experiencing compressor less air conditioning first hand

April 15, 2020 – Hyderabad, India

TORO WATT Corp., a Canadian ClimateTech company has launched a patented space cooling system with 100% Outdoor Air for offering affordable Thermal comfort in India.

The 5 ton equivalent Ambiator uses just 1 kW of power to provide 26 +/- 2 Degrees even in 45 Deg C temperatures. It can run on solar as it doesn’t use a compressor or harmful chemical refrigerants making it an environmentally friendly cooling alternative.

Mr. Vikram Jain, Trade Commissioner from the Consulate General of Canada met with Tiger Aster, CEO of TORO WATT at the launch of AMBIATOR (R) in Hyderabad, India.

India needs sustainable cooling solutions to meet its climate goals and increase energy productivity and moreover, especially now as record temperatures are being recorded across the country.

TORO WATT is currently appointing licensed system integrators in India to provide super-efficient air conditioning products and technologies that mitigate climate change.

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