Building Energy Efficiency and IAQ

Ending the
IAQ <> Energy war.

Specialized solutions

50 to 70 Percent savings Horizontal


Refresh building with 100% Outdoor Air ventilation. All the freshness without damaging the environment.

Indoor Agriculture

Achieving high quality produce in indoor farming with precise Temperature and Humidity in a dedicated solution.

Data Centers

Get your PUE, WUE and Carbon Footprint down with our super efficient Precision Air Conditioners. Now available for
Containerized, Modular Data Centers.


Let's get you there with practical solutions. All the efficiency without hurting the environment.

Conventional Air Conditioners not providing the solution?

It is difficult to find the solution you need in a market where “One Size fits All” is the norm of business.
We understand that you have a unique need and that precise temperature and humidity control affects your quality of life.
Talk to use regarding your need, our engineers are here to provide you with a solution that is suited to you.

Need some guidance?

If temperature, humidity, IAQ and Energy Efficiency is your challenge,
we can help you with solutions designed for you.
Specialists in Heating, Cooling, Humidification, Dehumidification, Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality while reducing energy use by up to 70%.
TORO WATT is your B2B and B2C partner for Low Carbon HVAC technology.