Precision Cooling
for Data Centers.

Data Center Precision Air Conditioning

Data Center Precision Air Conditioners provide ASHRAE TC 9.9 conditions throughout the year irrespective of the geography / location of the data center while using minimum power and water.

Capabilities :

  • 20 – 27 Deg C
  • 50 – 90% RH (Non Condensing)
  • 100% Recirculation / 100% Outside Air
  • Up to 70% Energy Savings

Some of the key reasons why TORO Data Center Precision Air Conditioners are an ideal choice are :

  • Energy Efficiency in Data Centers
  • Improves HVAC PUE to < 1.1x
  • Improves WUE with built in patented recovery process
  • Provides Maximized Free Cooling in Recirculating and Outdoor Air Modes
  • Built in Redundancy with Direct Drive Fans in Array, VFD Pumps with backup
  • Sensor driven state of the art controls (IoT) for autonomous functioning
  • ML for maximizing Energy Efficiency

All TORO Solutions are BACnet Compatible by design.

Capacity starting from 3.5 kW up to 85 kW.
Custom design build up to 850 kW.

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