The best Indoor Air Quality
for work & well being.

Sustainable Air Conditioning for buildings

Multi Staged natural and Inverter-hybrid Air Conditioning using Dual Path Technology reduces energy use to provide the same level of comfort. State of the art IoT for monitoring, ML and control.

Solutions for the built environment.

  • Dual Path Solutions
    • Air Handling Unit
    • Roof Top Unit
    • Fresh Air Handling Unit
    • Treated Fresh Air Unit
    • DOAS (Plate HX)
    • Heat Recovery Unit (Plate HX)
    • DOAS-R (Plate HX Recovery)
  • Single Path Solutions for Non-Critical Large Spaces
    • Indirect Direct Air Handling Unit
    • Indirect Only Air Handling Unit
  • Frugal Air Conditioning
    • SpaceCool Natural – Dew Point Regenerative Cooling
    • SpaceCool Inverter – Dew Point Regenerative Cooling with Humidity Control


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